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Pop music is Dead [entries|friends|calendar]
Anti Britney Spears

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[7-25-06 at 12am]


this was entertaining  <Check it out asap!

this is deticated to my good friend, biramona..

You've inspired me to make another post.

Top 10 Ways To Get Kicked Out Of A Britney Spears Concert
10. Say Christina Aguilera can whup her ass any day
9. Lay her for free (Sorry, that's something that'll automatically get you IN to a Britney Spears concert)
8. Try to pass yourself off as the opening act
7. Make fun of Justin Timberlake
6. Give her a wedgie
5. Pass around pictures of her when she was in the Mickey Mouse Club
4. Have legitimate proof that she got breast implants
3. Bust her lip-synching
2. Point out that her initials are BS
1. Wait a minute...why the hell would anyone want to go to a Britney Spears concert in the first place?
no shit you're not that innocent

[2-5-06 at 3pm]


Man I know it's been forever, But I just thought I'd make an attempt in keeping this community alive.


First off.. I came across this disgusting picture a few moments ago..

I think I just threw up a little.. .well thats more of Britney that I care to see, it's enough that I have to see her face. Pull them up, you whore.


Oh, and I feel the need to show this off. Im sure everyone has watched the dumb video "..baby one more time" and Im sure mostly everyone has noticed whenever Britney said anything with an "L" she sticks her tongue out of her mouth, we've created a visual aide to help people see what we're talking about...

It's  bad enough that she has to lip sink, but she could alreast make an attempt to do it GOOD.

*throws up again*

I don't know if I can bare to share any more at this moment at the risk of losing my good health. Sorry guys, maybe later.

* 2 no shit you're not that innocent

some fun stuff I found while doing a little research [6-13-05 at 4pm]



Top Ten Reasons Why...

10.She has NO talent
9.She has no idea what a real shirt is
8.Her dancers are the show
7.She wouldnt have even been on the MMC club if their first choice could have moved to Orlando
6.She wouldnt have a record deal if it wasnt for #7
5.She sings to her cousin
4.The tan is fake
3.She trys to hide her Lousiana accent
2.She used to be in Innosense
1.Her show is like exotica

go here for more




* 5 no shit you're not that innocent

[6-12-05 at 2pm]


Hey Everybody!

Im new here, As stated in the post before. I made something for everyone to use in their Userinfo if you like :)



* 3 no shit you're not that innocent

[6-12-05 at 2pm]


forgottensmile_ , welcome!

glad to see there are more people out there who know a whore when they see one.

make sure to tell some friends about us =)!


On another note,

Yesterday night I was flipping threw channels and saw that, sadly, MTV was playing Britney's new show. Out of curiousity, I had to watch a few minutes of it. You know what I saw? The most mindless dribble it had ever been my displeaure to watch. It was a half hour of watching Ms. Spears dance around with a camera talking about how damaged she was from passed relationships and how she didn't believe in marrige. It cracks me up, because she knew this guys for what, 3 months? I think it was before they got married. I gotta tell you, there was a part that made me really happy. About half way into the show you find out that Britney is horrified of flying.. It shows a clip of her practicly in tears while taking a plane trip. I have a new found respect for her assiantant though, because while Britney was practicly screaming over a little plane flight, this woman kept teasing her telling her that they were going to crash. it was hilarious.

I still keep thinking about that poor baby though.. How is it even going to breat feed threw Britney's gigantic fake boobs?

I just hope it rebels. That would make my life if Britneys own child was on TV calling her a tramp.

hey, I can dream.

Until next time.




* 3 no shit you're not that innocent

[6-5-05 at 12pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Britney at Age 50Collapse )

no shit you're not that innocent

[4-26-05 at 9pm]


just thought I'd post some really funny stuff I found the other day..

some anti tunes

qoutes that make me giggle.

I also found this piece of hate mail on another beautiful anti britney website. I think she probably has the reading and spelling comprehention of Britney herself.

"Hello why???? can val right song about
BRITNEY SPEAR?????? iT is insolting britteny
is not caring about you peopl I am not fan
of britey but u is very RUDE!!!! If u making
this sitee you is gelluos and u need to GROW
UP??????? val shold not have right thatt song
brtney is over 18 and she do what she wantin
POLICE!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!! U ALL
HA HA HA!!!!!!!????????????"

I don't know about you guys, but I've never heard the word "gellios" and for someone who loves her so much, you'd think that she'd spell her name right..

makes you think.

* 1 no shit you're not that innocent

[4-14-05 at 7pm]

Now that britany is pregnet...we must look at all the sides to this...

1. It's her newest plublicity stunt. (-)
2. She may be done with music in general (+)
3. If its a boy he'll disrespect women (-)
4. If its a girls she could either
a. be just like her mom (-)
b. rebel and be so much better (+)
5. Ruin her so called perfect body (+)
6. Become even more famous (-)

Still that will be disfunctional.
personaly i bet its #1. What do you think?

poor kid. I guess i could be wrong but if her parenting is anything like her singing or role modeling skills then that kid never stood a chance.

* 2 no shit you're not that innocent

[4-14-05 at 3pm]


want a good laugh?

no shit you're not that innocent

[4-14-05 at 2pm]

I cannot believe that she's pregnant. Who the hell would let her have a kid!?
Get ready to meet the most dysfunctional child in America.
no shit you're not that innocent

[4-10-05 at 8pm]

[ mood | amused ]

These Pictures Make Me LaughCollapse )

* 15 no shit you're not that innocent

[4-10-05 at 8pm]

Welcome to hello_kc!
I'm going to ask that you tell at least two people about the community.
So we can have more then three members.
* 2 no shit you're not that innocent

[3-18-05 at 6pm]


Britney Without Makeup...


She looks a little gross. It makes me laugh.


no shit you're not that innocent

[3-16-05 at 4pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

hey guys

I have some beautiful links brought to you by ebaumsworld.com

A cartoon attempting to explain the phenomenon of Britney Spears' breasts!

What she really wanted us to hit!

Enjoy, my friends.
I'm sure these will bring a smile to your faces.


no shit you're not that innocent

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